About Us

Ken Greiner, Founder at SphinxLogic

Right now, when I say "us" I'm referring to myself.  This is a one man show!

I've been a software engineer for 30 years.  I've worked in Electronic Publishing, Telecommunications, Defense, IoT, Cybersecurity and a couple AI related concerns over my career.  I invented the SphinxGadget for myself, and I'm excited to see how many other people might find value in it.  So, I officially registered SphinxLogic as a business as of September 10th, 2020.  I've also filed a U. S. Provisional Patent Application (Serial No. 63/046,985) for the SphinxGadget and related technologies.

The Sphinx Project is a side development that has been growing slowly for a couple years now.  I'm planning a number of additional related products that will be rolling out over time.  

If you've got any questions about the products, what we can do, how they're made, and you can't find the answers in the blog entries that I hopefully will find time to flesh out, please write to me at ken@sphinxlogic.com.  I'll be glad to hear your comments, whether they are positive or "constructive"!