Prices are Going Up

It's hard to raise prices when I have a hunch people don't want to pay more than $10-15 bucks for a goofy password manager, but it needs to be done until sales warrant a higher scale process.  I really want to keep this little gadget as affordable as possible, but I've had a little production and sales experience with it now and it's clear I need a little more margin to cover labor and advertising. 

There is, frankly, no way SphinxGadgets will become widely distributed with the constraints I currently have, and I've known this from the start.  Machine time restricts me to four or five units per day, depending on the size.  Every unit requires processing a unique layout, rendering, painting, cleanup, and break-in, not to mention packaging and shipping.  There are ways to scale all this up, but demand doesn't warrant doing so at the moment.

If you think the prices are too high, let me know.  It'll be good feedback.  Know that you are getting a one-of-a-kind device.  That makes the production process a bit tedious.  

The good news is I should have the leeway to run some sales now and then, and sell some units through partners at wholesale prices.  New prices in general will be:

$12.95 for the 70mm, $14.95 for the 75mm and $16.95 for the 80mm.  Monero editions will rise to $13.95, $15.95 and $17.95 respectively.  There's also a $1 premium for any red colored gadgets due to extra cleanup time.

All SphinxGadgets will also be shipping with half a dozen white rim clips to mark rotations or special rules.  I'm discontinuing the colored clips that I shipped to a few customers unless people really want them.  Colored clips could be added as a special product if need be.






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