Password Rotation

Hi Folks,

How exactly do you rotate passwords generated by a SphinxGadget?  Have a look at this video.  

If you have a sideways edition, you start by lining up the bottom three wheels (say BAN for Bank of America) with the number zero on the viewfinder.  Then, everytime you need a new password you rotate the viewfinder one click.  The idea is to make it easier to remember and visualize where the viewfinder should be.  You would remember BAN1, then  BAN2 etc.. and you can see that plainly on the sideways version. 

On the upright version, after you rotate one, or two or more times from the base position, you would see CANK, DANK, etc.. which might not be intuitive.  Both the upright and sideways viewfinders give you 26 different passwords (for these current models) for every site combination.

Let me know if that can be explained better, and enjoy!


P.S. I'll be doing what I can to make those clips more durable!

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