New Sideways Edition

After listening to a kind soul on Reddit who suggested using a numeric viewfinder wheel to make remembering password rotations easier, I decided it would be worth creating a second design as an experiment.  Expect little innovations like this as the product gets into more people's hands, and I receive feedback.  It's still a new gizmo, very alternative, very niche, probably appealing to a relatively small crowd.  I figure now is the time to be experimental, before the design has really been cemented in many people's minds. 

When it comes to password rotation, there are many options.  The Sideways edition links the top viewfinder position to the rotation count, instead of a fourth key character in your selected domain name.  For those of you that would be willing to use three characters instead of four for the key sequence/domain name that is dialed up, the Sideways version might be your thing.  Now you'll remember BAN0, BAN1, BAN2, etc...for your Bank of America password as it requires rotation over time, and you'll see it dialed up that way.

Let me know if this makes sense or not in a comment below.




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